Meet Bill

William R. Pannhoff (Bill) is a native of Minnesota. He co-owned Crystal Catering in 1983. He proudly served in the United States Army and he graduated with honors from the Military’s Club Management & Culinary Arts School, spent time with the Army Culinary Arts Team, and was a general’s enlisted aide and the NCOIC of a Military Bed and Breakfast (Sink House). In 1990, Bill founded B&B Catering Inc. in Spring Lake, NC, where he turned an old gas station into an office and designed and built a 9,000 square foot industrial kitchen that has hosted caterers from around the country for years.

B&B has lead his market for over 26 years winning “Best Caterer” in the area 22 times. B&B opened 3 new divisions in 2010, C2C Consulting, Movable Feast & Busy Bee Florist.

Bill has degrees in Food Service Management, Military Club Management and Military Culinary Upgrade Program and higher education in Marketing and Retailing. Bill has spoken nearly 100 times nationally for Catersource, NACE and other groups. He specializes in Operations, Management, Leaderships, New Kitchen Design, Company and Personal Growth while focusing on quality of life. Bill has written 3 books, is a member of the Catersource Consulting Unit, Catersource Senior Ambassador and a Board member of the International Caterers Association. If you have ever been in one of Bill’s classes, you will have experienced his ability to tell a story while touching each listener, his passion, tears, and love for the hospitality industry and probably know his famous tag line R&D. “Rob and Duplicate”.