C2C Consulting

Enjoy the Journey, Love the food!

C2C Consulting aims to join valued and ambitious catering professionals across the United States. After 30 years of experience in the catering business, it is our goal to provide support, advice, open-mindedness, and affirmed methods to guarantee success in your business and your food.  We customize action plans based on the specific needs of our clients and their goals. These efforts are devised to increase gross revenue, net profit, and continued success.

Founder, Bill Pannhoff, has over 30 years experience in catering, currently as president of the highly successful catering company in North Carolina. He is highly regarded as an educator and mentor to middle market caterers, at all different stages of their business life cycle. As a highly popular speaker at Catersource, and as a moderator of the Catersource online forum, he has provided expert advice to thousands of caterers on Culinary Logistics and Sales Training through seminars and consultations.Bill is an expert in off premise function management, logistics and sales development, as well as being a trained chef. He works with small to medium sized companies streamline and upgrade their operations for maximum profitability. He is considered a forms expert, and is highly regarded for his expertise in forming and implementing Standard Operating Procedures for catering companies. For caterers in smaller markets, Bill brings a wealth of knowledge and understanding to the challenges of operating in that particular environment. He can assist nearly any caterer is finding their ideal spot in the competitive market. Bill has written two books and his newest book- “Caterer 2 Caterer” was released in February 2013.